Snow in Arizona

How can you feel lonely for someone you’ve never met?

How can it feel dark before the sun has even set?

How can I fill a chasm the size of Grand Canyon?

Why do I feel as if I’ve been abandoned?

Tears do not soothe me, my heart still bleeds,

Days grow longer, taller grow the weeds,

If only I could change this, somehow with my deeds.

Why not now, my aching heart pleads.

Life goes on, rivers still flow,

Rain still falls, winds still blow.

Here I am curled in a tight little ball,

Waiting for snow, that will never fall.

Somewhere out there, do you hear my call?

Do you see me hurting, do you know my heart?

Have I failed somehow to do my part?

Is there a lesson to learn, where do I start?

Deep inside, I know you care,

You know me well, have counted my hairs.

But sometimes God, you seem so far,

Like a fading light, from a distant star.

And then through my tears,

I feel your presence,

Calming my fears,

Filling my essence,

The pain is there, it won’t disappear,

But I’m not alone, this much is clear.

For somehow I sense that through it all,

Even when it felt that I surely must fall,

You were there all along, holding tight to my hand,

Giving me the strength, once again to stand.


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