Mother’s Day…

Mother’s day comes once a year as we all know, it’s a wonderful time to remember our mothers and appreciate all of the sacrifices they have made for us throughout our lives. It’s also a hard day for those of us who are still trying to find our way to that role.

I have a wonderful mother. I will never forget the childhood memories that she gave my sister and I. Walking to the creek to read little house on the prairie, baking bread-she always let me make something with a piece of dough, Friday night soup, horseback riding. Growing up I wanted to be a mom just like her, and I still do. She made childhood magical, I can’t imagine growing up any other way than in our little house in the woods. When we started private school, she went to work, but she was always the one to drop us off and pick us up each day. She made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all of us, and I don’t remember ever hearing her complain about taking care of us. The most meaningful gift that my mom and my dad have given to me is faith. From the time I was a tiny baby I was surrounded by my parent’s love and a knowledge of God’s love for me. Beth means “consecrated to God”, and from my earliest moments that’s what I have felt in my heart.

Life gives us blessings, some of them brief. When I first met Jim, I was struck by how much he loved his mom and the way he talked about her made me love her before we even met. She moved here to Arizona to “snowbird” and we were able to get to know each other better. There could never have been a better “second mother” than she. Sadly she lost her battle with polycystic kidney disease in 2012. It makes me sad to think that when our journey brings us to an expanding family, she won’t be there to meet our little ones. She was so full of life and love. A tiny fireball of energy and tough as nails. She earned her Master’s degree, going to night school, working full time, she started a very successful business, but most of all she loved her kids, and she accepted me into her heart as well, and I was touched that she treated me like another daughter.

So as Mother’s day dawns tomorrow, though I am sad that I won’t be celebrating with my own babies this year, I reflect on the love of my two moms, and I am thankful for both of them. God gives good gifts, and I’m counting on that as we continue our journey.



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