A cycle begins, with R2D2?

In an earlier post I mentioned that my Dr changed practices, with that change we had to not only transfer records but we also had some frozen shall we say “seed” that needed to be moved as well. After multiple phone calls and two notarized release forms we headed out to be the couriers for our “specimen”. Starting at the final destination we picked up the cryotank that was to keep the specimen cool during the trip. It made us both laugh when we saw it…don’t you think it looks like R2D2?


Oh the things you do to start a family. I’m not kidding when I say that thing weighs a ton, ok not literally, but on the first leg of the journey I had it in front of me on the floorboard where it didn’t really fit, my toes helping to support it. On the way back from picking up our specimen we wisely seat-belted it in the back instead. My toes thanked me.

A few weeks later as part of the beginning process for IVF they put me on birth control. This feels a bit strange after years of trying to have a baby, but it’s all about controlling cycles and timing things the way they want. After starting birth control I had a sonohystogram to check to make sure my uterus was looking healthy, during the course of the exam my Dr also looked at my ovaries, and what did he find but a growing follicle or possible cyst. “Have you been taking all of your pills?” he asked. “Every night like clockwork”, I replied. Everything else checked out, and so we continued our plans for the cycle, pending the development or disappearance of the “cyst”. If it continued to grow I would have to stay on birth control longer and the cycle would be delayed. I rebelled, I swore no matter what I wouldn’t take any more birth control! Did I mention that the pill makes me a little crazy? Part of me was really worried that the follicle or cyst would continue to grow and become sisters with the giant cyst that I had only recently said farewell to. I was feeling defeated again. Yet there was another part of me that just figured my confused body was trying to ovulate even with the birth control. Only time would tell.

Walking to the mailbox sometime later I found the often unwelcome notice for jury duty. When did they want me? Right smack dab in the middle of when I was supposed to be going to all of my appointments for blood tests and ultrasounds to track the progress of my follicles (assuming the cyst/follicle had gone away by my next ultrasound and I was able to start my stimulation shots). Now I don’t mind the idea of jury duty, I actually think it will be interesting and I want to serve my community, but the timing is shall we say, less than ideal. Here again I felt that a roadblock was being thrown up in front of me, would I have to delay the cycle for jury duty even if the follicle/cyst was gone? I was pleasantly surprised when I called the phone number on the back of the letter and without any trouble at all I was able to reschedule my jury duty to the end of next month. I’m not used to things falling into place so easily, maybe the timing will work out this time after all.

This last Thursday we went to the Dr again, the moment of truth had arrived and I waited nervously in a cold dark room for the ultrasound to commence. (I haven’t yet figured out why in Arizona when it reaches 90 degrees all the businesses turn their air conditioning down to 40 degrees!) When my Dr started with the right ovary I watched closely looking for any sign that the cyst had grown or was even still there. It was gone! I was so relieved and thankful. It has taken me a while to get to a place of feeling somewhat hopeful, and each delay and setback has threatened the tiny seed that is growing into a bigger feeling of hopefulness. After the good news during my ultrasound we went into the conference room and had an abbreviated med teaching, having done this before and having a background in the medical field I really didn’t need more than the proper dosages to get me started with my injections. Later that day I got the phone call that said my bloodwork had come back great and we got the ok to start injections over the weekend.

So, we picked up the medications and yesterday I gave myself the first two shots, one in the morning and one at night, rinse and repeat until dosages are adjusted based on labwork and ultrasounds. But the most important part of our journey is our relationship with each other, the support that my husband gives me and the support that I in return give to him. Before picking up my meds, we went to our church to meet with our pastor, we asked for prayer and were anointed for healing. No matter what the answer to our prayer is, we want to be united with each other, and with God. The greatest gift I have been given in this life is that of a supportive family. I can’t imagine walking this journey with anyone else.

 “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37 NKJV


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